Culture & Authenticity

Morocco is very well known for its millenary culture. Its unique location at the crossroads of two continents has resulted in a rich and permanent cultural interchange, between the Mediterranean shore, Sub-Saharian Africa and the Middle East. We will take you on a journey to discover this diverse culture and let you experience the authentic life of the Moroccans


wander ACROSS Kasbahs & Palaces

Let us take you through our specially designed tours to show you hidden private palaces, give you some original insights on the main monuments or guide through fun cultural activities


meet the people

We have built some exclusive itineraries where you will get the chance to meet the locals along your way. From the amazigh (berber) families in the mountains or the nomad camps in the desert to the grandchildren of former Moroccan rulers you will experience Moroccan culture from the inside that will give you a brand new perspective on what you visit.


Discover morocco’s art of gardening

Morocco’s culture has always been related to nature and water and the numerous gardens are a good expression of it. Enriched by every civilization that passed by or settled down, there is now a great heritage in the art of gardening. We have designed a specific tour that will take you through the most beautiful and iconic gardens across the country and let you understand our culture through its gardens