Specialty & Educational

For special interest groups, we have a whole set of programs that can be adapted and focused on those interests. We are here to help you tailor your tours around that, providing special ressource people and opening doors only known to locals. It can be as far stretched as organizing a pilgrimage to some of Morocco’s Jewish holy sites, to organizing a boar and pigeon hunting trip including architecture & design tours with designers and architects, history tours with historians, students field trips, gastronomy, wellness or a tour experiencing all the original and traditional accommodations Morocco has to offer!


Architecture & design

Morocco has architectural jewels to discover, from the medieval Kasbahs of the south to the Arabo-Andalusian constructions in Fes or the now modern and exclusive Villas of Marrakech. Let us showcase the most original properties and buildings with the help of a passionate architect for whom these sites have no secrets. In the meantime, embark in a shopaholic designers tour to meet the modern Moroccan designers who have modernized the traditional crafts into the trendiest pieces loved by all international stars!

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Programs for university students

Because we are committed to promote Morocco as a cradle for education, we can prepare specially tailored programs for university students combining touristic discovery, corporations visits with business meetings and in-depth immersion into the local culture. Don’t hesitate to consult us with your needs!



Food in Morocco is an institution. Enriched by the influences of the different civilizations that settled down in the country, the diversity of tastes, spices and vegetables used make of the Moroccan gastronomy one of the most appreciated in the world. Whether you are a caustic foodie or whether cooking is your passion, we will take you through a culinary journey that will delight your taste buds!

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Morocco through its geographical position has been at the crossroads of civilizations. Let our historian guide you through the country’s rich history through the relics and the heritage left by each one of those civilizations

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holy sites & pilgrimages

Morocco is home of many saints and holy sites, be it for Jews or Muslims. We can organize spiritual journey to are many Rabbi Hiloulas or the famous Tijanyya in Fes.


wellness & rituals

Hammams and bathing rituals are in the heart of Moroccan culture. The traditional scrubbing and the use of locally grown essential oils will make you feel totally renewed! For the spa and massage lovers, we have arranged a tour that will include a mixture of traditional rituals, retreats to natural thermal sites and the most modern Spa treatments.



Care to come hunting in Morocco. We can take care of everything from the weapons hire, to hunting licences. For groups we organize private hunting games for bores, quails, pigeons, etc. For individuals we can also find spots in a hunting group.

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original accommodations

Through is architectural and cultural diversity, accommodation in Morocco can be very varied: Riads, Kasbahs, Historical Villas, Artists houses, luxury encampments,etc. For a very local experience we have tailored a tour to visit Morocco while staying at every stage in a different and original type of accommodation.