Experiential Travel

At Visit Morocco, we want to show you our Morocco through our eyes. Therefore every tour or activity that we offer needs to bring something special, an unforgettable experience that will mark your mind. Because we believe that discovering a country is living it with its culture, its people, its nature, its everyday life, much more than just visiting its key landmarks and monuments. Get ready to live the Moroccan experience with us!


Culture & authenticity

Let us show you the insights of Morocco, through its culture, its palaces, its kasbahs, its gardens… Meet the people along your way from Amazigh villages in the mountains to real families in the old medinas.


nature, sport & Adventure

Admire the beauty of amazing landscapes through hiking trails or from the view of a hot air balloon, feel the adrenaline in a desert adventure, or simply enjoy your favorite sport in world known spots for Golfing, Surfing or Kite surfing

Specialty & educational

Interested in special aspects of Morocco’s culture? Be it History, Design & Architecture, Gastronomy, Holy sites, Original Accommodations. We will prepare a program tailored to your interests. We organise also specific programs for university students.