At Visit Morocco, we believe that each incentive ought to be unique. For us the incentive must be a complete experience rather than just a patchwork of different activities, dinners, parties, etc. That is why, right from the first brief, we strive to work on a dedicated concept that will embrace all aspects of the event and be in line with the message our client will want to convey to the participants. Our proposal will usually have our three key success factors below

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The “wow” effect

Our concepts are always full of surprises, because there are little things that leave a better and long-lasting impact than a mind-blowing moment during the trip. Like magicians, we use different tricks to deceive and confuse so we can build up this special moment when all the crowd says in chorus: “ WOW” !!

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“Money can’t buy” experiences

Morocco is all about its people, its landscapes, its history, and these are a great source of inspiration when creating an incentive. Our passion is to guide the participants into a mind-opening world where they live and feel the authenticity giving them a sense of uniqueness

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Budget smart ideas

Because being original and unique doesn’t necessarily mean being expensive, we use our networks and creativity to offer some nice touches and details that will transform a basic activity into an unforgettable one without necessarily inflating the budget. When defining the concept and the activities, we always ensure to get the best value for money.